Creative sourcing is the answer... to most of your questions

June 29, 2016

If the evidence is right, and procurement doesn’t have a natural bias for creativity our challenge is how to generate that much needed creative mindset. Firstly, being clear on why we need to be creative is key - Is it to identify new opportunities for value delivery or to solve problems in existing sourcing scenarios? Knowing when to buy and where to buy requires the same amount of creativity. This is why Egg prides itself in the bespoke approach to the procurement process. We swapped our desks and computers with excel spreadsheets to spend time with interior designers and understand their vision for each project.



Be creative = be original

Having established the motivation, the task becomes to “be creative” and there is nothing more likely to constrain creativity than to demand it! Creativity is rarely found through procurement company’s routines. It is hard to find or to be stimulated sitting at an office desk with an excel spreadsheet and simply creating orders. A different environment, new behaviors and new ways of thinking are all essential in the modern hospitality world saturated with ready templates, branches and franchising. If you really want to be successful with your hospitality project, be it a boutique hotel or private villa, you do need to put your own stamp on it. Being original, brave in design is a niche very quickly surfacing in a stylish, modern, elite world of hospitality.


360-degrees approach

In all of our projects we have managed to find some extraordinary craftspeople who were able to fulfil our goal to be original, creating one-off pieces of furniture, which are not only functional but most importantly add an amazing aesthetic effect to interior styling. This is how we turn hotel stays into an experience, which very often is promoted on social media channels by guests themselves. From the beginning, Egg is bridging a gap between interior design and the final product. This always has been and always will be one of our unique selling points. Our extensive experience and market knowledge allows us to do what other procurement companies are struggling with – to be different and original. 


Faster ROI

There is a huge demand for boutique hotels around the world, where the stay becomes an unforgettable experience rather than just a place to sleep and eat. The modern guests expect to be wowed, they want their senses to be stimulated each day of their stay. What is more important, from the finance point of view, is that this niche market is often happy to pay a higher price for such experiences and therefore the ROI is faster than in any other “template” or franchise.



Knowing where to buy is important, but knowing how well you perform is perhaps even more essential. The recent economic crisis has prompted many companies to closely evaluate their spending. This is not a new phenomenon and analysing the spending exists just as long as purchasing itself, but recently Egg has the particular emphasis on savings opportunities that are present on the market. Using our know-how, we can offer exceptional value for money, by consolidating, and analysing our purchases and supplier base.

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