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Location: London, UK

Designer: Olya Volkova, OV&Co

Number of covers: 420

High above Broadgate Circle, Los Mochis London City boasts unmatched city views, all while blending the flavours of Mexico and Japan. Indulge in the vibrancy of our main dining area with sushi bar, sunset views on our rooftop terrace, and late-night excitement of our luxurious agaveria bar and lounge.

Where Mexican and Japanese cuisines are blended for the first time resulting in unique and complex flavour combinations with maki rolls, ceviches, tiraditos, tacos and many other delectable dishes.

From an outlandish idea to combine two of our Founder’s favourite cuisines, Los Mochis was created, not just as a restaurant and bar, but somewhere fun and memorable to experience with family and friends.

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